Shhhh.  Nobody look here >< DISCONTINUED due to alternatives.

Also, nobody look at the Veep reference in the top nav bar. DISCONTINUED due to alternatives.

Tech has decided to take the Director and NEATO and distribute it as a competitive product.  There simply isn't room in the market for too many projects such as this. It fragments the support.  We have to ask which version of Director they are running before being able to offer support.  There is already a modified copy of the Director out in the wild. Adding Tech's will create a third.  Adding yet another option will just make support that much more difficult.

Development and enhancement of the NEATO-Pro side will be that much more fragmented with a competitive product out there. The point of a community product is the community development.  If we spend a ton of time helping people choose which one to use, then split the community development between the original NEATO, Tech's NEATO and NEATO-Pro, none of them get the attention they deserve and it eventually starves everything which does no one any good.  In order to give any project the attention it needs to survive and thrive, fewer options are needed in the marketplace.  Unfortunately, I cannot do development on the NEATO part because mixed HTML and PHP makes me puke.  Separation of logic from display is my preference but that's not the continued direction.

I am going to continue Veep/NEATO-Pro development but only because I enjoy it.  I doubt it will see the light of day outside of my own environment.


You'll find the Director here.  It supports all of the major bots.  The download link is here.

Someone has taken my work and is distributing it. I cannot speak for how good or bad it is. Just letting you know that there is a derivitive of my work out there.  I put the hundreds of hours into writing the Director and someone put in 2 or 3 more to distribute it as their own. I know it's out there.

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