Shhhh.  Nobody look here ><

Also, nobody look at the Veep reference in the top nav bar.


You'll find the Director here.  It supports all of the major bots.  The download link is here.

A quick note about a rumor that is still going around.  The Director is not going anywhere.  I cannot close shop on the Director and just make it stop running.  If I were to move to Barbados and give up support forever, the Director would happily continue running.  Whomever is spreading this rumor, please stop.

Update - January 21, 2015 - There's a fake Director running around.  It's not mine.  The only real and official Director is the one you find here.  If you run the fake one, I cannot vouch for whether it is good, bad, ugly or if it's malware full of viruses.  I just don't know.  It might be wonderful.  It might eat every single cupcake in your house.  

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