ProxyList Support in the Director

NEW UPDATE AT THE BOTTOM including a security note

OK.  I did it.  I was hoping it wouldn't come to this but it has.  I've added ProxyList support to the Director.  This is for Neatbot ONLY!  It also requires a VIP version, sorry.  Go donate the measly amount and get VIP or use a proxifier program.  There is documentation on the forums.  It's a ton more complicated but it will work.  Search for proxifier (or, you know, support Neatbot by donating and getting the VIP and test builds).

I DO NOT SUPPORT PROXYLISTS.  You have to get your own.  Whichever one you get is yours.  Good luck with all that.  I have my own list that I use and like.  I will not share my list.  There are many like it but this one is mine.  I have named it BettyLou.

OK, you need a list with one proxy server per line.  It can be in any format Neatbot accepts for the proxy server.  Some examples.


You can mix-n-match.  It doesn't matter.  Any format that the bot accepts can be in this file.

Choose a ProxyFile from the Director's Tools menu.  Turn on the option to use a ProxyList.  Done.  Every time you launch a profile, the Director will randomly choose one of those proxies from the list and pass it to the bot.

CAVEAT regarding proxy lists.  Not all proxies in a list work.  Mine has about a 50% success rate.  That means 50% of the time when I launch a bot, it pulls a bad proxy.  You can overcome that or at least get by it by adding:

-logintimeout 180

to the Director's custom parameters.  That means the bot will try for 3 minutes to get a connection, then will give up and exit.  The Director will notice that the bot has exited and restart it, trying a new proxy server from the list.  Odd are that it'll eventually find a good one.

Proxies on the proxy list also die without warning.  Most of the proxies on the lists are servers that were never intended to be used publically.  Their owner just misconfigured it, someone stumbled upon it and added it to the list.  Once they discover their mistake, they turn it off.  Use the Director's restart schedule and restart the bot regularly.  If you get disconnected, it will only stay disconnected until the next restart schedule.

WARNING: Using proxies that are not meant to be used may be illegal in your country or district.  Make sure you use only legitimate proxies.  

WARNING number 2:  Evony hates proxies.  Either they'll learn the error of their ways and kill off the connection limits or they'll just go on a massive screaming ban rage.  The second option would be bad for business, though.

A proxy still is limited to 20 (or whatever number Evony is enforcing) connections.  If you have a couple, plus all of your alliance-mates have a couple on it, it'll max out the connections.  

My recommendation is to get your own proxy list.  Don't get one and have all of your alliance use the same list.  If you do share a list, have someone in charge of breaking it up into pieces so you don't all use the same list.

This is not a permanent solution, I hope.  I'm hoping Evony realizes this solution is not a solution.  It is so easy to get around that the only people limited are their core players.  The ones who are in it for the fun.  Those who are willing to spend money on a good proxy list will be able to run as many bots as they want.  This new feature isn't even necessary.  There are proxifiers that have been used for a long time.  They are not stopping the massive multi-accounters because those folks have always been willing to do what it takes to multi-account.

I think massive multi-accounting is insane and absolutely hate it.  I wish those folks would stop doing it.  It's bad for the server since it's not even close to being fun going against someone like that.  It also harms the server performance.  I wish honor would overtake their desire to massively multi-account. It probably won't, though.  

This "solution" isn't going to fix the problem.  It will make it worse.  Those big guys will still do their thing.  They will have less opposition, though, as the others get frustrated and quit.

What is the solution, you ask?  Get around the limits to show that it's trivial to do.  Also, and more importantly, boycott to show them that this "solution" is unacceptable.  Both things must go on, in my ever so humble opinion.

Any Evony reps want to talk, you know where to find me.  I'm sure there are more realistic options. Some of them were even documented in previous posts right here.  

SECURITY NOTE:  You really should read my other articles about the inherent dangers of proxy use but here's a summary.  You are sending a third party all traffic between you and Evony.  That includes your login details.  The implications should be clear.  That said, nothing in the Director nor the mainstream bots send your login details to anyone but Evony unless you use a proxy in which case it sends it there before going to Evony.

Lag and the server time difference on login

There's a lot of confusion about the number the bot gives you when you log in showing the server time difference.  It is frequently confused with "lag."

10:23:34 PlayerName logged in successfully (122334), server time difference is -15.066s

That tells you that my clock is 15.066 seconds off from what the server thinks the time is.  It doesn't tell you anything about lag.  It merely tells you that our clocks are different by 15 seconds.  

Lag is delay.  Lag is the time between when the bot issues a command and when the server actually acts upon that command.  If the network is very busy or the server is very busy, it could take a long time between those events.  I've seen 30 seconds on very busy servers sometimes.  Fortunately, that's rare but it does happen.  Most of the time, a second to ten seconds is what you'll experience.  Lag means that the bot issues the "close the gates, please" when you tell it to but sometimes the server doesn't even know you asked it to do that for up to 10 seconds.  Make sure you set your gate config high enough so you know the server has time to act upon it.

Now, back to the server time difference.  It is NOT lag.  It has no impact on lag.  It is not an indicator of how much lag there is.  It just says that the server is synchronizing their clocks with the Atomic Clocks but your computer is off from that.  What does it hurt?  Nothing.  The bot adds that time in to its calculations.  When you log in or refresh, the bot gets the time difference and just adds it to its calculations.  You can be a week off (604,800) seconds without harming anything.  I've seen one guy running an entire YEAR off because he didn't realize his computer was set behind by a year.  No harm done. The bot is smart enough to handle that.  IT MEANS NOTHING.  You can ignore it.  Don't compare it with others, it means nothing.

Now, if you adjust your clock while the bot is running, the bot will be using the old number in its calculations and it will be off.  That will harm something.  Just make sure if you reset your computer's time while the bot is running, either restart the bot or hit the reset button on the top-left of the bot to make it recalculate those numbers.

So.  Long and short of it...  If you have a really low number or a really high number, it means nothing.  Absolutely positively nothing.  It does not tell you anything except that if you use your computer to alert you that a TV show is about to start, you may miss the beginning of it.  It doesn't do anything to the bot.

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