Some proxy handout abusers blocked

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OK.  I've had to seriously delay handouts for 4 people for the proxies.  They are anonymous but account for a massive chunk of proxy users.  Of my 2 million handouts, these 4 people alone account for 250 thousand of them.

They are one each from SS37, SS60, SS57 and SS65.

If your proxies are not working or are majorly delayed as of about 7:30am server time today, let me know or, better yet, submit your unique key.

On an only slightly related note, though not dealing with those 4 people above,  I've had to reject a couple of unique key registrations because they were not decipherable.  I ask for two things when submitting your unique key via the Tools menu, Skype name and Forum name.  Some people put the goofiest shit in those two fields or they leave them blank. 

If you have already registered your unique key, you do not need to do so again.  If you have registered but you put goofy shit in there, you'll need to register again without the goofy shit. 

As always, registration is entirely voluntary and you'll work being completely anonymous but your service will be degraded if you put undue strain on my server.

The Director on a Mac!

Here's a video showing me installing TheDirector and Neatbot onto a fresh Mac.

I used CodeWeavers Crossover Office ( which has a free 14 day trial.  I highly, highly suggest supporting them and purchasing.  Tell them Sum Random Guy sent you.  They're great guys.

Anyway, this is a completely uncut video from beginning to end of me installing Crossover Office, the Director and Neatbot onto a fresh Mac.  I haven't done this in a while (many, many moons) so there are missteps and boring parts.  C'est la vie.  That's how real installs go.

No documentation, so I suggest you take notes.  It really is very simple.

These instructions can be followed almost exactly for Linux.

You can do the same thing with PlayOnMac and PlayOnLinux if you so desired.  Those two are free but Codeweavers Crossover Office is more stable and they've made the fonts prettier.  

There are tweaks and setups you can do from here if you'd like.  Adding more accounts, turning on ProxyList or getting proxies from my site, etc.  This really is just the very basics.

Hint:  View in full screen.  Also, I apologize for the aspect ratio.  It got stretched horizontally.  Whoops.

ADDITIONAL NOTE!  I was contacted by a user who was reporting a crash of Neatbot when launched.  Codeweavers' excellent support helped her resolve her problem.  Launch Crossover Office and click the icon.  That'll get the CrossOver menu bar.  On the menu bar, choose Configure, then Manage Bottles.  In there, go to the Advanced tab and checkmark both "Use legacy X Window System" and "Disable Performance Enhanced Graphics."  Instant stability.  Way to go CrossOver folks!  Kudos and much appreciation.


BTW, ScreenFlow for Mac is awesome.

Upgrade gives "invalid Windows executable"?

OK, so you did a Director upgrade and it's telling you that you have an invalid executable?  Well, there are about half a dozen very similar error messages that all reference an invalid executable.

There isn't a special version of the Director for your version of Windows.  One version of the Director runs on all versions of Windows (and on Linux and Mac using Wine but that's a different story).

What's happening is the Director is trying to download the new version of itself but something is getting in the way.  99% of the time, it's one of those dumb Windows firewall things that decided that isn't big enough so they are protecting you from my site.  Director tries to download its upgraded version but the firewall blocks it and says "Nope.  Not gonna let you do that."  The Director creates a new file with what it just downloaded so now instead of a new file with the Director in it, it's got a new file with "Nope.  Not gonna let you do that." which, obviously, isn't a valid Windows application.  

Tell your Windows firewall to be nice to the website.  I don't know how to do that, you're the one running the thing and it's yours.  You have to figure it out.  I don't run them because they offer absolutely zero benefit and tons of problems (such as this one).

"Invalid Executable" means "Your firewall is a big fat meanie."

What is a Virtual Machine?

A VM or "virtual machine" is a type of computer program that creates an emulated software environment. Not that any real person actually knows what that means.

Think of it as a sort of a computer that runs on another computer. You can run multiple "virtual machines" on a single computer; then you give access to individual "VM" to all your clients or employees. Busy executives like yourself love VMs because it saves them so much money on hardware; why waste money on 100 servers when you can just buy one and make it look like you have 100 computers! All your peons down in IT would probably recommend against running it on Windows8, but that's just because they like running complicated things like Linux. Windows 8 can handle VMs just fine, and - thanks to its colorful and touch-friendly interface - it's so easy to use that you can fire all those overpaid geeks and have your secretary handle everything for you. Think of the cost savings!

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