Betas aren't for everyone

Over the last two days, I've released a few beta versions of the Director.  Beta versions aren't for everyone.

Who are they for?

Well, they're for people who can handle change.  People who know how to download the new betas without handholding because you'll have to do it more often than non-beta participants.  

Most importantly, they're for people who can provide useful feedback.  "This sucks, how do I go back to the old version." is not helpful.  "I'm having a problem with a change, here is what it is doing but I thought it would do this other thing." That's helpful.  "You suck, DIE IN A FIRE!!!!!!1111!!" That's slightly less helpful than the first one, but it clearly gives me some direction about what you are after.

Participate in betas if you're willing to provide constructive criticism and can provide beta testing.  Don't do it if you're not willing to try new things.  Betas are new.  If you don't do change well, you won't like betas.

File | Participate in betas

Set that how you wish.

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