I don't support VPS problems that I've already found out are unsolveable

Posted in the VIP room:

OK.  Have to say this since I've been spending way too much time supporting it.

I tested 50-75 VPS providers.  Yes.  Honestly.  All but one were screwed up. 
* Some oversell their resources.  They say 4 GB of memory but you can't use all of it because they promised too many other people 4 GB when they only had 16 GB total.
* Some provision their VPS to be used as a web host which has VERY different allocation design decisions despite the hardware specs provided, a webhost is different from a VPS capable of botting.
* Some do funky stuff with directory permissions in the interest of protecting their customers from themselves. 
* Some auto-apply security patches and reboot you too frequently.

I DO NOT SUPPORT THEM because they do not work.  I have to end the conversation when I find out it's related to a VPS problem especially since I have dozens of PM convos all alike.

I do not use those other VPS providers because they're screwed up.  I know others have found a VPS provider they like and use successfully.  I know some have gotten over or around the problems above.  If I find another VPS provider that works "out of the box", I'll do some testing and add it to the list that I'm willing to help with.  I am not willing to help with VPS providers that I have already found DO NOT WORK.

I spend too much time helping others learn what I already learned.  I put my finger into the light socket.  It hurt.  I don't need to spend time helping you learn that putting your finger in the light socket hurts.

If you ask me "what about provider XYZ", the answer is:

So far, I have ONE provider on my list that works.  If your provider is not on my list of working VPS providers, it means either:

  1. I tested it and it does not work so I don't support it.
  2. I did not test it so I don't support it.

Some of the problems I experience that tell me your VPS provider is crappy:

  1. Director does not save profiles due to file permissions or directory permissions
  2. NEATO does not work or gives strange errors
  3. Bot crashes due to resource starvation
  4. Bot stops responding due to resource starvation
  5. Director launches multiple copies of the same bot due to resource starvation
  6. Director crashes due to resource starvation

There are tons of problems that happen.  I will paste this URL to you if we determine a dumb VPS is the cause.  

If the VPS is not the cause of the problem I will help you even if you use a VPS I don't support.  I'll help you out regardless of the VPS you choose as long as you don't have a problem that is caused by your VPS.

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