New option being tested - Bot Launch Throttle

There's a new sherriff in town.  Wait, no there isn't.  Same old Director but he has a new trick.  

Bot Launch Throttle

It's off by default but you can turn this nifty little feature on using the File menu option.  If there's a checkmark beside Max Launch Throttle, it's turned on.  If there is no checkmark, it's turned off.

This little feature throttles the number of bots launched within a given time period.  This does NOTHING about disconnects and reconnects, don't even ask me for it.  It doesn't do that.

It is very useful, though.  Say you restart your computer.  The Director will dutifully go through and start all of your bots like it should.  That kills my computer.  I only want it to launch a maximum of 5 bots at a time, then wait a bit and launch a couple more, then wait, etc.  That's what this does.  Perfect!

There are some defaults.  I like the defaults.  I highly suggest you learn to like the defaults.  You can change them but I won't help you figure out the best setting because I think the best setting is what I set for the defaults.  

It will launch a maximum of 5 bots at startup. It'll wait 90 seconds, then it'll let another 3 in.  Every 90 seconds, it'll let 3 more in.  Yay.

If you feel you MUST change the values, they are MaxLaunchBatch, LaunchClearSeconds, LaunchClearNum.  You break it, you get to keep all the pieces.  I don't want them back.


This does NOTHING about network disconnects and reconnects.  It is not intended to and will not do anything about it.

This does not impact the login times, i.e. the delay that you have set.  It merely throttles the launching of the bots.

This does not impact the disconnect/reconnect cycle.

This will make it where you have bots offline for a period of time because it's only allowing a few in at a time.  It's supposed to do that.

If you stop a bunch of bots and let it automatically relaunch them, it'll throttle them down.  That's what it's supposed to do.

You can launch a billion bots manually with no throttle; this only impacts the autolaunch function when the Director notices the bot is not running.

This will not change the behavior you see when you get disconnected.


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