New proxy stuff in the Director - Important stuff here

The Director has a new feature.  I got tired of troubleshooting people's proxy problems.  The proxy list was very, very easy to use but with the thousands of options, people got confused.  Instead of using the free proxies that I recommended, people were buying proxies and then trying to use them like the free ones.  We'd have to untangle that mess.

I had a TON of proxies and I test them every 15 minutes.  I put an option in the Director on the Tools menu to use a proxy from my server.  I feed this list new proxies every day and test the list every 15 minutes.  It's a very large, very clean list of proxies.  There are some that hate routing game traffic but that pass my tests.  It happens.  I'll sometimes hand those out but they don't come about often.  More about bad proxies later.

So, this is completely free for now.  It is completely and totally anonymous.  I don't know who is using it and don't know anything about the accounts they are using.  

Being free, I have to build some protections in.  If you request a bunch of proxies, I start slowing down the replies.  The first couple go blazingly fast.  Then after you get a bunch of them, it starts slowing down.  Each request takes slightly longer than the previous request.

Unfortunately, the Director can't do anything else while it's requesting a proxy.  It can't redraw the Director's window while it's talking to the web server.  That makes it look like the Director is locked up.  It's not.  It's working fine, it's just waiting for the proxy information.  If you're slowed down to 10 seconds to reply, the Director will look like it's overloaded and broken for the 10 seconds.  It's fine.  Don't panic.  Don't worry.  It'll be back.  If it bothers you, check the option down below which will make that not happen.  Or just ignore it and let it do its thing and it'll clear up on its own.  After a short time, it'll clear up and will not throttle you again so it's only when you request a bunch of proxies quickly.

Now, if you want to make things better for you, and for me, you can become less anonymous and identify yourself to me so I know that you're not an evil proxy leech.  In the Director, go to View then Edit Director Settings.  Copy the UniqueKey value and Skype it to me or (much better) send it to me via the Neatportal PM.  Once you tell me who you are, I'll happily hand out IP addresses without throttling like that.  I will NOT know anything about your account information or anything.  I just know your unique key and which server you're connecting to (to make sure I don't hand out the same proxy to 100 people on server ABC).  

Bad proxies will happen.  On the Tools menu is an option to tell me about it.  Copy the IP address and port provided and go to Tools | Tell SRG about a bad proxy.  Paste that IP address into the box and submit it.  I'll remove it from the pool so other users can benefit and we can keep the list clean.

I have hundreds of users using this feature already and I haven't really advertised it.  Performance has been great and I've been tweaking the settings such as the throttling to make sure it works well.  I value feedback.  Skype me or PM me on the Neatportal forums with feedback.

Here's what Inanna wrote up:

1. Go to the Director -> Help menu -> Check for Director Upgrade. Let it upgrade, if it's not already done so

2. Type -logintimeout 180 at the bottom in the Custom Params box  (

3. For any profile you want on your REAL ip, select it, and click Account Details. Once in there check the "No proxy" box at the bottom (

4. Go to the Director -> Tools menu -> Use a Proxy from SumRandomGuy, click it.

5. Close all your bots, turn off your IP hider, let the Director restart them using a random proxy from SRG.

6. If a proxy dies while it's connected or fails to connect at all, the bot will try to reconnect for 180 seconds with that proxy. If it cannot reconnect it will close the bot (that's what your logintimeout was for). Once the bot is closed, the Director will restart the bot using a new random proxy. Make sure all bots are set to "Maintain ON"

7. Tell SRG he is your absolute hero.


And if you're looking for a VPS (virtual private server) to run your bots, check this out:

Security:  These are free proxies that were found on the Internet.  They may be malicious.  See my other articles on the risk but if I have a TON of proxies (and I do) and one or two of them are malicious, your chances of getting them are slim.  The chances of the malicious proxy being there to gather Evony logins are vanishingly small.  The chances that I'd even FIND an Evony-login-stealing proxy are infinitesimal.  The chances of you getting a proxy that is there to steal passwords is really small.  The chances that it's on a server they care about is tiny.  The chances that it's on a server they care about and it's an account they care about is miniscule.  I'm out of small adjectives so I'll let you think about that and read my other articles.

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