Some proxy handout abusers blocked

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OK.  I've had to seriously delay handouts for 4 people for the proxies.  They are anonymous but account for a massive chunk of proxy users.  Of my 2 million handouts, these 4 people alone account for 250 thousand of them.

They are one each from SS37, SS60, SS57 and SS65.

If your proxies are not working or are majorly delayed as of about 7:30am server time today, let me know or, better yet, submit your unique key.

On an only slightly related note, though not dealing with those 4 people above,  I've had to reject a couple of unique key registrations because they were not decipherable.  I ask for two things when submitting your unique key via the Tools menu, Skype name and Forum name.  Some people put the goofiest shit in those two fields or they leave them blank. 

If you have already registered your unique key, you do not need to do so again.  If you have registered but you put goofy shit in there, you'll need to register again without the goofy shit. 

As always, registration is entirely voluntary and you'll work being completely anonymous but your service will be degraded if you put undue strain on my server.

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