The Director isn't (and can't) disappear

I've received a LOT of questions about the Director going away.  Seems there's a clone / offshoot site of The Director that implies I am going to stop the Director from running.

Let me make this clear.

  1. There are no official SRG-sanctioned off-shoots.  The Director is a GPL application which means anyone can take it and modify it provided they provide source code.  I have not been approached about any such offshoots so I do not know of any but there's obviously at least one out there.
  2. With regards to the official Director, I cannot stop it from running even if I wanted to (which I don't).  The Director is open source.  There is absolutely no way I can tell it to stop running.  There are no timeouts, there is no way for me to remotely disable it.  Even if there was, it's open source so you could disable the ability to disable.  

The Director isn't going anywhere no matter what someone else says.  It's a rumor from a malicious person, obviously.  Someone is trying to scare you.  I cannot stop it from running.  

Every now and then, someone decides to start a rumor to see how far it will travel.  Obviously, this one traveled quite a ways.  Previous rumors have been about Neatbot and/or Evony.  This one is about the Director.

If you do know of a Director spin-off, make sure you trust whomever gave it to you.  For security purposes, I very strongly encourage you to only run the Director that you download from my site.  If you get a copy from someone else, make sure you trust them, especially if it's different from the one I distribute.  I can't say for sure what someone else is doing from their spinoff of my app.

I'd be very interested in knowing about whatever spinoffs are out there.  If you know of one, please let me know.

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