You merged without saving your goals

I wrote this for the last merge. I'll post it here ahead of time. Pretend this post doesn't exist until tomorrow.

Inevitably there will be a bunch of people that didn't believe us when we said back up your goals. They're sad now. The universe weeps for them.

But wait! You can point them here! This will confuse and bedazzle them. It will say "I told you so" in a friendly way. But, it'll help them get their goals back. Keep this link. We'll be needing it for the next couple days. I'm just going to keep it on my paste clipboard permanently so I can paste it in to the Skype room a couple dozen times. :)

OK, that's a bummer. You can still get them but it will take a bit of work.

Go here:

It'll tell you where your goals live. Inside that directory, you'll find a bunch of .sol files. The ones you are after are named cityXXXXXX.sol where XXXXX is your OLD city IDs (behind the scenes numbers used by the server but which make no sense to anyone). Open those up using Notepad or, even better, an application called .minerva which you can find by Googling for it. Guess which city it belongs to and copy-n-paste them into your new bot profile.

Good luck and may the Force be with you. Live long and prosper.

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