A virus? No.

Every single release, I explain to a couple dozen people that the Director does NOT have a virus.  This article is going into my paste board so I can paste it to the dozens of folks who ask.

TheDirector is written in AutoHotkey.  It's a script interpreter.  I compile it using AutoHotkey's compiler.  All that does is take a copy of the AutoHotkey executable, append the script to the end and call it a "binary".  The script is still there.

Antivirus vendors hate AutoHotkey.  There are bad actors out there who wrote malware with AutoHotkey.  I can see why they'd flag it as suspicious.  No problem here.  

Eventually, they scan the Director and find out that it's not malware and they add it to their "good guy list".  That takes days, weeks or months for them to find and whitelist is.  Every time I release a new version, it has to go through this scan process.  

There are literally hundreds of antivirus apps out there.  Each AV app has multiple versions.  Each version has multiple sets of definitions.  If they whitelist one version of the Director in version A and definition 1012, they have to release a new definition to whitelist the next version.

So.  Not only do they have to find, scan and approve each version of the Director, they have to release a new set of definitions PLUS you have to stay current.  Just because they whitelist it doesn't mean the old-ass version you're running will like the new version of the Director.  

The Director does NOT have a virus.  

Antivirus applications modify, mangle or delete the Director on a regular basis until they release a new version AND you update to the newest version.  Your old version will continue happily eating the Director even if your AV vendor decides they like the Director.

The Director does NOT have a virus.  Your antivirus just doesn't know enough about it to trust it.

You try to download the new version using the autoupgrade feature and your antivirus eats it.  Now you've got a problem.  I'll write up how to deal with that in another FAQ.

Your antivirus ate the autoupgrade so now you're trying to manually download it but the antivirus is eating your new download.  Tough.  That's your problem.  You figure out how to make your antivirus play nice.  I can't possibly know how to work every single version of every single antivirus.  Especially since so many of them are snakeoil products that do more harm than good and have a slick, though very useless, interface.


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