Hey, how do you have your system set up, SRG?

Good question.  Here's what I do.  

I access my bots from several locations (work, home, traveling, restaurant, coffee shop, etc).  I signed up with SoftSys Hosting (http://members.softsyshosting.com/aff.php?aff=718) to host my bots.  That took all of the traffic off of my home network and put it on theirs.  I wrote an article about it. Now, I can stream movies at home at full speed. :)  No more bot traffic from home.  I can also remote in to that system any time I want from anywhere I want.  I also don't have a computer turned on and sucking power all the time.  In the end, it is coming out to be cheaper, at least for me.

Here's how I set up Director in no particular order whatsoever

1) I turned off Max Launch Throttle.  That feature was mainly to avoid having too many bots connecting to the server from one computer.  Not necessary for me.  It has a second benefit in that it will help ensure your computer doesn't get overwhelmed launching a dozen bots within 10 seconds.  Also, not necessary for me, my hosting provider can handle when I launch them all at once.

2) I set the delay on the Account Details to zero.  No sense having the bots sitting at the login window.  Have them launch and immediately go to connect.

3) I put in  [-logintimeout 180] (without the brackets) into my Director custom params.  This tells the bot that if it is not connected for 3 minutes, to exit and restart.

4) I turned on the User Proxies from SRG option on the Tools menu.  I turned off all other proxy and VPN stuff.  You can use whatever proxies you want, there's lots of documentation here and on the NeatPortal site how to set up other options.

5) I went in to 5 of my most important profiles and checkmarked the "No Proxy" option on the bottom which told it to use my computer's IP address without a proxy.  I regretted this decision when they reduced the connection limit to 3 but since I watch things closely, I caught it and fixed that little issue quickly.

6) I have 99% of my goals in prependgoals.txt and appendgoals.txt.  

7) Advanced: I synchronize those files back to my home computers and laptops so I can edit them whenever I want using my home computer which will then sync back to the SoftSys host.

8) I use cmdparms.txt to specify the common command line parameters I want to pass in. Things like setting maxtrade, turning off showsettings, minimizing the window, NOT minimizing to tray, etc.

9) Convenience:  I turned on "Bring bots up maximized" which means when I double-click them in the Director, they come up maximized.  I love that.

10) In the Account Details page for every profile, I turned off the Restart Mem Over limiter.  Neatbot doesn't leak memory so it's not needed.

11) I set my bots to restart 2-3 hours after maint and once or twice at other times throughout the day during times I'm not playing.

Add a new post in the forum under the Director section to add any additional hints or tidbits.  This is how I set things up but by all means provide additional suggestions in the NeatPortal site.

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