How can I pause a buddy's bot remotely so I can defend him?

I've received questions about this enough times to write it up. Here's the instructions.

OK, sometimes it's necessary to pause someone's bot remotely so it doesn't kick you out while defending.

This HAS to be set up ahead of time; can't just have people pausing other people's bots, can we?

In the following scenario, we have the following actors:
SRG is the supporting defender; I'm always online.
GBA is the Guy Being Attacked; he's sleeping

SRG issues the following whisper:

/GBA //pause
GBA sees in his Commands window:
18:08:11 Receive from SRG: pause , hash = e2966f3e

GBA provides this hash to SRG. That's HIS specific key. No one else can use it. Now, when SRG sees GBA being attacked at some later time, he can do this:
/GBA //pause e2966f3e 2

The 2 on the end says to pause for 2 hours. If it went well, SRG will get a whisper back saying "Pausing for 2 hours."


  1. 1 hour is the minimum amount of time you can pause a remote bot.
  2. The rest that I had in here are irrelevant

The upsides are that a bot with a timing problem won't kick you out when you're trying to defend. People are MUCH better defenders than the bot any day. You also know that when you received the "pausing for 2 hours" message, it was a bot online and not a human.

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