How do I report a bad proxy?

So, you want to report a bad proxy.  Here's how you do it.


But what about...


But the error is...


Don't you want to know about...


How about on the forum?


In Skype?


In person?


But the proxy...

I don't care.


Because I hear from dozens of people every single day with the same questions. They all ask what errors to report.  I get pasted 100 errors per week and most of them are all identical.  I don't care.  The system is automated.  If you don't know where or how or what to report, don't.  I do not want to hear about bad proxies.  I don't want to hear your questions about proxies.  I don't want you to ask me why one out of 10 proxies don't work for you.  It's all answered and describe ad nauseum on my site here.  It's documented.  

If you paste a proxy error or your ask me why a proxy doesn't work or you ask me how to make your bots run better, it's already documented and proves to me that you want me to type a special answer just for you instead of you spending 30 seconds on my site looking for the answer.  The answer is here.  There's a search up top.  I can't spend 10 minutes answering the same question for 100 special little snowflakes per week when the answer is already documented.  10 minutes per person of my time is a LOT of time when it would take you 2 minutes to find the answer on my site.  


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