Neatbot is sending res to an alliance mate for no reason, Dub Tee Eff??

I've seen it happen twice now. This was a cool one.

Scenario:  The bot is sending a bunch of res to an alliance-mate but there are no sendresources lines anywhere.  Every single city was checked and there are no sendresources lines anywhere.  Obviously requestresources will NOT work from a different account.  You can't request something from a different account, trust me on that.

Here's what it turned out to be.  Neatbot was downloaded and run from the default Downloads directory.  Instead of moving the bot into its own directory, the people had run it directly out of this Downloads directory.  They then downloaded an AppendGoals.txt file because they wanted to look at it.  The AppendGoals.txt file was placed in the Downloads directory...  with the bot.  The bot then saw it and used it.  

If something weird and funky starts happening and you confirm there are no goals doing it, check to see if there is a prependgoals.txt file or appendgoals.txt file in the same directory with Neatbot.  

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