The Director thinks a bot is running but it's not

Yes it is.

I have no idea why but over the last couple months, stopping a bot sometimes doesn't stop it fully.  Hitting the X on the top-right or hitting stop on the Director or the scheduled restart, none of them killed it fully.

The bot would close its window and would LOOK like it was closed and dead but it's still there.  The process is running but not doing anything.  It can't be killed easily.

I tested and confirmed this happens on several versions of the bot and even in both of the leading bots.  It happens even without the Director running, so it's not something the Director is doing to it.

How often does it happen?  Well, if you run 50 bots, one or two will see this problem every day or two.  It doesn't happen often.  Just enough to irritate me.

I wrote a new feature into the Director that more aggressively kills the bot.  This new feature CAN kill the bot when it gets stuck.  

You must be running the latest and greatest version of the Director.  See my FAQs on dumb antivirus making your life difficult.  The latest version can help alleviate this problem.

If you get a bot listed in the Director that says it's running but double-clicking it doesn't bring it up and you can't find it anywhere, the Director is not lying to you.  It's running.  It's just stuck without a window.  As they say in Pet Semetary, it's been dis-dis-dis-incorporated.  Scary movie.  I have to go calm down.  Be back in a moment.

OK, I'm back.  Stuck bot without a window.  Restarting Director won't solve this problem.  The bot is still running even when you close the Director.  When you relaunch the Director, the bot is still running.  Restarting Director didn't change that.

Run the latest version of the Director.  Click that profile.  Click Stop.  That'll kill it very, very dead.  The scheduled restart will also kill it when it gets time to restart so I haven't encountered this problem since I updated the Director.

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