What is up with the error about choosing an executable unwisely?

There is a field in the Director's Profile Details page titled Profile Bot.  That field lets you choose a bot executable that will be run for ONLY that profile.  It's useful if you want to do something funky with appendgoals.txt or if you want to test a new version of the bot on one profile but not the rest.  

Older versions of the Director would let you put goofy stuff in there.  It would then barf on the floor when you tried to run it.  It wouldn't give you very good info about why it was doing that.

The new versions now check that value to make sure it's not goofy.  If you have something goofy in there, the Director will tell you about it.

"But I never got that message before upgrading, it must be related to the upgrade..."  Yeah, that's what I just said.  You upgraded to a version that tells you when you do something goofy instead of failing silently.  It warns you now.  Take the goofiness out of that field and it'll stop telling you that there is something goofy in there.

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