What kind of dumb things do you get in your mail, SRG?

I receive things like the below.  Based on the little information provided, I'd say his antivirus ate the Director.  He downloaded the new version into his Downloads directory.  He used to run from the Downloads directory so there's old stuff in there.  Somehow he translated that to something I did.  As if I run his antivirus and made it do bad things to the Director, then I made him run it from the wrong directory.

Or.  He ran out of Flash storage and instead of making things better, he decided since he lost some stuff, "let's just go delete everything, that'll make it better". Then when he ran from the Downloads directory, he got really confused. 

Message sent to you follows

your new director has screwed my system. nothing will load . no pswds are
saved. i downloaded a new one it brought up accts i no longer run. i
deleted all i could find..........................................i cant
even load a bot now. what did you do . please undo it


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