Windows 8, The Director and the Bots

You can use the bots and The Director on Windows 8.  You do have to configure one thing, though.  If you notice that it's launching the bot but not passing in the command line parameters or (IMPORTANT) you see the same login info each time, that means you still need to make the config update.

Right-click on the bot, go to the Compatibility tab and set it to compatibility mode XP SP3 Windows 7. The change in Windows 8 and above is that command line parameters are not passed the same way.  The bot does not receive command line parameters unless you set it to work the way Windows 7 worked.

It'll be happy then.

Note that upgrading the bot or The Director will cause this to revert to the previous issue. Any time you upgrade the bot, you'll have to make sure they're set to XP SP3 Windows 7 compatibility mode. Downgrading back won't solve your problem. Just change the compatibility mode thingy and you're fine.



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