The Veep - Cross platform

DISCONTINUED due to alternatives being available.  Good luck with that.

The Veep is cross-platform for Mac, Linux and Windows.  Finally.

Veep and NEATO-Pro have been integrated.  One product to provide both services. Very simple installation process.

I've also written an Android application to talk to the NEATO-Pro part of Veep as well as an iOS application.  Start/stop bots from your phone or tablet.  Get alerts on your phone when you are under attack.  Cool stuff.

I don't know how much of the Director's functionality will find its way into the Veep.  At this point, it's a fairly minimal launcher/maintainer.  It launches the bot, passes in the parameters and keeps it running if it exits.  I'll probably add a restart scheduler to restart the bots.  Some level of backup functionality will probably be added, too.  

I do not know how much of an auto-upgrade function I'll have in it.  That's difficult to do cross-platform.  You may be responsible for upgrading your own Veep.  I'll probably have a notification in it to let you know when an upgrade comes out.  

I'm storing the database in a centralized location now.  This has two implications.  First, no more of the "hey, my account list is empty" issue due to running the application from the wrong directory.  Secondly, running two copies of the Veep _will_not_work_.  They will both fight for the same database.

The development and release process will be more fun for me.  I have no intention of providing much support but will get a Skype room set up for user-based community support and will try to help out where I can.  During heavy development, I'll release a new version every day or every week or something in between. These releases will always perform the basic functionality though new functionality may only be half-developed or broken.  I do not want feedback to tell me what's broken. I know what's broken. I released it anyway. The frequent release is only because I find it fun to do.

These frequent releases will have expirations.  They are not meant for you to find one you like and stick with it.  

NOTE:  I'll probably change the database structure repeatedly.  Each new version might make you wipe out your old database.  Your goals and scripts and login details for the bots will stay where they are but I'm not writing a DB upgrade script this early in the process. If I change the DB structure, you need to wipe your database.

Who are these for? Anyone who is curious or who wants to try out new stuff. If you decide to use it to run your bots, that's on you. It probably won't break things. I make no guarantees about whether it will break stuff, though. The only guarantee I will make is that it's under very heavy development and things will change. Drastically. It is just a minimal application right now. The heavy lifting is being done under the hood so I just threw together a quick user interface with a few buttons to exercise the important objects. This does not reflect the final version, it's just a quick wrapper I put together.  I don't even have an icon on it yet.

See the Wiki page for specific documentation, known issues, things to do.  The Wiki is here.

So.  Here they are.

The Mac version

The Linux version

The Windows version

It's a standard application.  Do with it what you'd expect to do. If you don't know what that is, this isn't for you.

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