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Hiya SRG,

Been using your program w NEATO for a while now. Just got the free Windows10 'upgrade' for my win7 laptop, and it's stuffed The Director, Open Office and my 3 Microsoft solitaire games (them's mostly for the grandkids, but I stray there sometimes). The wonder of this is that I can still run NEATO on at least 5 accounts independently, but The Director will not load at all. I'm thinking I should scrub all of The Director files and redownload n install, or revert to Win7. My other thought is to dump windows altogether and get properly Linuxed.

Any comments or suggestions from you or others in here would be appreciated. No rush, my face is already blue.


Update. OO is now working again, The Director runs, but loads and runs one account multiple time. (it got to 7 instances before I twigged that more than my 5 accounts were running, and I stopped Director to see what was what). Naturally, as each instance logged into evony, the previously logged in instance detected 'another computer logged in' and went to sleep for 30 minutes. This was going to get nasty really quickly, so I shut down all the rogue instances ASAP. I then restarted Director and stopped autologin and changed Keep Bot Running box to No in each account. I then restored the last Neato backup before windows 10 'upgrade' (like I saved before and restored after the upgrade that's whacked me silly) and now I have just two accounts loaded into Director, and they aren't what I was running last week.

So, where to from here?