Lag and the server time difference on login

There's a lot of confusion about the number the bot gives you when you log in showing the server time difference.  It is frequently confused with "lag."
10:23:34 PlayerName logged in successfully (122334), server time difference is -15.066s
That tells you that my clock is 15.066 seconds off from what the server thinks the time is.  It doesn't tell you anything about lag.  It merely tells you that our clocks are different by 15 seconds.  
Lag is delay.  Lag is the time between when the bot issues a command and when the server actually acts upon that command.  If the network is very busy or the server is very busy, it could take a long time between those events.  I've seen 30 seconds on very busy servers sometimes.  Fortunately, that's rare but it does happen.  Most of the time, a second to ten seconds is what you'll experience.  Lag means that the bot issues the "close the gates, please" when you tell it to but sometimes the server doesn't even know you asked it to do that for up to 10 seconds.  Make sure you set your gate config high enough so you know the server has time to act upon it.
Now, back to the server time difference.  It is NOT lag.  It has no impact on lag.  It is not an indicator of how much lag there is.  It just says that the server is synchronizing their clocks with the Atomic Clocks but your computer is off from that.  What does it hurt?  Nothing.  The bot adds that time in to its calculations.  When you log in or refresh, the bot gets the time difference and just adds it to its calculations.  You can be a week off (604,800) seconds without harming anything.  I've seen one guy running an entire YEAR off because he didn't realize his computer was set behind by a year.  No harm done. The bot is smart enough to handle that.  IT MEANS NOTHING.  You can ignore it.  Don't compare it with others, it means nothing.
Now, if you adjust your clock while the bot is running, the bot will be using the old number in its calculations and it will be off.  That will harm something.  Just make sure if you reset your computer's time while the bot is running, either restart the bot or hit the reset button on the top-left of the bot to make it recalculate those numbers.
So.  Long and short of it...  If you have a really low number or a really high number, it means nothing.  Absolutely positively nothing.  It does not tell you anything except that if you use your computer to alert you that a TV show is about to start, you may miss the beginning of it.  It doesn't do anything to the bot.

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