The Director on a Mac (or Linux)

Here's a video showing me installing TheDirector and Neatbot onto a fresh Mac.
I used CodeWeavers Crossover Office ( which has a free 14 day trial.  I highly, highly suggest supporting them and purchasing.  Tell them Sum Random Guy sent you.  They're great guys.
Anyway, this is a completely uncut video from beginning to end of me installing Crossover Office, the Director and Neatbot onto a fresh Mac.  I haven't done this in a while (many, many moons) so there are missteps and boring parts.  C'est la vie.  That's how real installs go.
No documentation, so I suggest you take notes.  It really is very simple.
These instructions can be followed almost exactly for Linux.
You can do the same thing with PlayOnMac and PlayOnLinux if you so desired.  Those two are free but Codeweavers Crossover Office is more stable and they've made the fonts prettier.  
There are tweaks and setups you can do from here if you'd like.  Adding more accounts, turning on ProxyList or getting proxies from my site, etc.  This really is just the very basics.
The Video

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