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I get "invalid server" when my bots restart, what's up with that?

Invalid server, huh? That's a bummer. It's not something that the Director is doing; it means the bot had a problem contacting the game server. Some common causes of this are intermittent connectivity problems (you don't run your bots on a computer connected wirelessly, do you??) or software firewalls such as McAfee, Symantec or about a dozen others or random affectations from the Internet boogymen.

What can you do about it? Make sure you are not connecting via wireless. Wireless has periods of time where it just disconnects and reconnects. Sometimes you notice, sometimes you don't. Sometimes the bots notice, sometimes they just continue on as if nothing happened. Whatever happens, though, you're running the odds. You'll have a bunch of bots reconncting all at once and get an IP ban or you'll hit the one point where you're restarting a bot during that period and you'll get "invalid server".

Software firewalls are the most common. Make sure the bot's executable is in the whitelist. Each time you upgrade, make sure the new version is in the whitelist. I don't know how many times people have told me they whitelisted their bot but they're still getting this error. I ask "did you upgrade the bot recently" and get "yes" for an answer. The new upgrade is a new program. It needs to be whitelisted.

Wifi Internet Access Backup

OK. My cable Internet service dies on occassion. Irritating. Sometimes it's out for a while. I wanted to find an alternative as a backup. I talked with my neighbors about using their wireless when my Internet access is down. Got a nice agreement in place instead of me just "stumbling upon" their password (wink, wink, nudge, nudge). Unfortunately, the last two times my Internet access died, theirs did too. So that was a bust. Not very helpful at all having two dead Internet connections. I have wifi data sharing on my phone. Works great. I use it a lot for my mobile devices when I'm on the road. I found a new option that is working wonderfully.

Freedompop (http://fpop.co/eDcM) is a very inexpensive wifi solution. It's not as fast as my Verizon 4G service on my phone but it's pretty darned fast. It doesn't actually cost me anything per month. I paid for the device which was on sale. It's usually $99. Tiny little bugger. Then you can choose from a few plans. First option is a free option for 500MB/month. That's the one I took since I'll just be using it with my Galaxy Tab (don't get me started on how much I love THAT beastie) and as a backup Internet device. There are other plans like 2GB per month for $18. I don't need that. I use wired access for my bots. It's the only way I'll connect for my primary access. Wifi is "disconnect-ey" and not as reliable. So, my wired does all of my traffic. I also have wifi turned on and connected to this little device. Since the wired access is fastest, that's the one that the computer uses by default. If my wired Internet dies, it just falls back to the next fastest, my Freedompop device. :) Yay.

If I lose Internet access, I have a blip while it reconnects over the other network but it's not down for hours and hours like my cable service would be. No fees except my initial device charge unless I go over my 500MB in one billing cycle. No ads. So far, I'm a happy camper. If you sign up, use my referral address, http://fpop.co/errp so we both get an added bump on our data limits. Did I mention, you can get free bumps on your data limits? The only one I'll do is this here referral link which will get us each an extra 50MB every month just for being my friend. :) You can watch videos and stuff for more free data but I won't do those. If you're already signed up, email me your email address so I can add you as a friend so we get the 50MB/month bump.

Windows 8 and above, the Director and the Bots

You can use the bots and The Director on Windows 8 and above.  You do have to configure one thing, though.  If you notice that it's launching the bot but not passing in the command line parameters or (IMPORTANT) you see the same login info each time, that means you still need to make the config update.

Right-click on the bot, go to the Compatibility tab and set it to compatibility mode XP SP3 Windows 7. The change in Windows 8 and above is that command line parameters are not passed the same way.  The bot does not receive command line parameters unless you set it to work the way Windows 7 worked.
It'll be happy then.
Note that upgrading the bot or The Director will cause this to revert to the previous issue. Any time you upgrade the bot, you'll have to make sure they're set to XP SP3 Windows 7 compatibility mode. Downgrading back won't solve your problem. Just change the compatibility mode thingy and you're fine.

How can I pause a buddy's bot remotely so I can defend him?

I've received questions about this enough times to write it up. Here's the instructions.

OK, sometimes it's necessary to pause someone's bot remotely so it doesn't kick you out while defending.
This HAS to be set up ahead of time; can't just have people pausing other people's bots, can we?
In the following scenario, we have the following actors:
SRG is the supporting defender; I'm always online.
GBA is the Guy Being Attacked; he's sleeping
SRG issues the following whisper:
/GBA //pause
GBA sees in his Commands window:
18:08:11 Receive from SRG: pause , hash = e2966f3e
GBA provides this hash to SRG. That's HIS specific key. No one else can use it. Now, when SRG sees GBA being attacked at some later time, he can do this:
/GBA //pause e2966f3e 2
The 2 on the end says to pause for 2 hours. If it went well, SRG will get a whisper back saying "Pausing for 2 hours."
1 hour is the minimum amount of time you can pause a remote bot.
The rest that I had in here are irrelevant
The upsides are that a bot with a timing problem won't kick you out when you're trying to defend. People are MUCH better defenders than the bot any day. You also know that when you received the "pausing for 2 hours" message, it was a bot online and not a human.

Norton or Symantec says The Director is a virus, what do I do?

Norton is evil! Symantec is evil! Uninstall it this instant, if you can. There are many free antivirus software programs available that in our opinion work better, besides being free. There are ways to tell Norton to ignore the folder you store the bot and the The Director in, adding exceptions to its database, but it is our opinion that Norton does a great job of slowing your computer down. Who wants a slow bot?

Anti-Malware: Malwarebytes
Firewall:  Zone Labs' Zone Alarm Free

Using all 3 of these free programs together provides your computer with the same level of security - and perhaps better - than Norton 360 or Norton Internet Security Suite.
SRG's Recommendation - Microsoft Security Essentials
It's free, it does everything you need and you don't need to get the ones listed above, just MS's tool.

Account Portability

SumRandomGuy video

A fan-made video that I thought was fun:  Video

How do I use The Director to transfer my bots to a new computer?

OK, this is a very frequently asked question.  It's pretty easy, though.  Here we go:

In The Director, click Backup Bots.  It will give you a backup filename when it is done.
Copy TheDirector.exe, the bot's executable and the backup file to your new computer.
Launch a bot by double-clicking on on the bot's executable.  Log in.  This will create the Flash storage directory we need.
Click Restore Bots in The Director and select your backup file.  
That's it.  Just a couple of simple steps. Oh, and send a donation via the Donate button on the bottom of the Director's main window.

Backup file "doesn't appear to be one of mine"

When you try to restore a backup file but you get the message "Doesn't appear to be one of mine" there are two things it could be.

1)  You can't drag-n-drop a full system backup onto the Director. If you are restoring a full backup as opposed to an individual profile, you must hit the restore button and choose the backup file.
2)  The filename is important.  The Director gives the backup a name.  Keep it. If you rename it, you'll get this error.