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I don't support VPS problems that I've already resolved

Posted in the VIP room:
OK.  Have to say this since I've been spending way too much time supporting it.
I tested 50-75 VPS providers.  Yes.  Honestly.  All but one were screwed up. 
* Some oversell their resources.  They say 4 GB of memory but you can't use all of it because they promised too many other people 4 GB when they only had 16 GB total.
* Some provision their VPS…

The Director on a Mac (or Linux)

Here's a video showing me installing TheDirector and Neatbot onto a fresh Mac.
I used CodeWeavers Crossover Office ( which has a free 14 day trial.  I highly, highly suggest supporting them and purchasing.  Tell them Sum Random Guy sent you.  They're great guys.
Anyway, this is a completely uncut video from beginning…

I finally found a Virtual Private Server (VPS) that works for me

I've been looking for a good VPS, Virtual Private Server, that works for me.  Every one I've tried has been insanely expensive (even Amazon's "free" tier would run $300 per month for a small number of bots) or lagged so badly because they were oversold.  
SoftSys Hosting at

Lag and the server time difference on login

There's a lot of confusion about the number the bot gives you when you log in showing the server time difference.  It is frequently confused with "lag."
10:23:34 PlayerName logged in successfully (122334), server time difference is -15.066s
That tells you that my clock is 15.066 seconds off from what the server thinks the time is.  It doesn't tell you anything about lag.  It merely tells…

VPN Option

I've found another VPN option.  Private Internet Access. Works well, is very inexpensive.  It's a VPN so bear that in mind.
Testing shows that it works quite well with Evony.  A VPN redirects ALL network traffic whereas Easy-Hide-IP can select which programs to route.  VPNs have additional benefits in total anonymity.

What is a virtual machine and will it help me?

A VM or "virtual machine" is a type of computer program that creates an emulated software environment. Not that any real person actually knows what that means.
Think of it as a sort of a computer that runs on another computer. You can run multiple "virtual machines" on a single computer; then you give access to individual "VM" to all your clients or employees. Busy executives like yourself…

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